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5 rating

Ignore whoever Halfadime is and their comment below. If you have a bad haircut, tell the stylist you’re not quite happy, even if it’s several days later. Or tell Cindy. Don’t comment to get your passive aggression out. I have been going to this location for years and Cindy has been a staple of this location’s success. Not only is she a great stylist, she’s a great manager and really personable. My 14 year old son, who like a typical teenager can be indecisive, moody, lazy, etc, always asks about when our next visit is because it’s exciting to him. I rarely leave reviews but this is a 5 ⭐️ place through and through. Don’t believe me? Check out Saturdays there. Good luck getting in and out quick because it’s so busy and yet we all know it’s worth the wait!

1 rating

Ok... ladies if you're looking for a place for an inexpensive hair cut because all the Hair Cuttery shops and Smart Cuts in Tallahassee have suddenly gone out of business, do NOT look to Sports Cuts to help you out. They cater to men. They do NOT do any styling or blow drying. Yes, they'll cut you hair, but that's it. The young lady who cut my hair last Thurs tried to do a good job EXCEPT I'm still having to personally cut off the long hairs that she left behind. Otherwise...the place was overpriced. $23. And when you check out they give you TIP options starting at $5. REALLY? I give a TIP when and how much I think is appropriate. No thanks, Sports Cuts. I won't be back.

5 rating

Let me start from the beginning...I remember when Sport Clips first came to Tallahassee. The first location just opened, and my first impression on my initial visit is was "wow, this is different and refreshing." After the first visit my, now deceased, father and I would return to the Killearn store to get out cuts, massages, and excellent customer service. Growing up working in the service industry I am highly critical of businesses and their customer service, because I know that with out it the business is nothing. Fast foward. My first stylist that I really preferred was named Dixie. She was amazing! Unfortunately, she ended up leaving. Then, I was on the hunt for another stylist that I could trust. I did find one and then she ended up leaving. Thus, the search was presumed. Once again I found one and of course due to my luck she ended up leaving as well! At that point I was considering leaving Sport Clips, because it seemed like they could not keep great employees. THEN, I found Emily. She started out like I would picture the perfect Sport Clips stylist with customer service and skill. I remained her client for an extended period of time. Then she got promoted to Manager of, the then newly, Mahan Village Sports Clips. I was sad, but happy for her opprotunity to grow. I thus, started with Tyler at the Killearn location. He started off super! Gave great customer service. Though because of the time I was with Emily I missed the moments of catching up with her and ended up traveling to the other location for her to cut my hair. It was not the experience I had before. I was highly disappointed. Her focus seemed to have shifted from the client to the store. I know that being a manager can add a lot to ones plate, but if there is a client in your chair then I believe they should have your attention in order to provided the best service you can to build the business. That experience led me back to Tyler's chair. Though, in the meantime he was promoted to manager of the Killearn location (Bravo for him). Though, once again I was even more disappointed than ever! I encountered the same problem with Tyler as I did Emily; but this time the store itself was in horrible condition. There was trash on the floor and you could tell the environment had completely changed. The stylist were having conversations among themselves and ignoring the clients in the chairs! I could not wrap my head around that one, and to top it off Tyler was the worst out of all of them! So, I was about through with Sport Clips as a whole. I will summarize my problems...very high turn over rate, lack of management training and customer service. If I were corporate reading this I would hope that you would start working on better training and a plan to keep great employees. After all the negative mentioned above why would I rate a 10 score to recommend Sport Clips to a friend or business associate? There is only one reason; it is because of a skilled, professional, excellent stylist. When I was giving up all hope Jessica K. from the Mahan Village location came in and saved the day. From the time that she shook my hand to the time that she handed me my receipt it reminded me of the first time that I entered Sport Clips. I am a person that likes to change my style and I am open to others ideas of what to do next. When I first meet a new stylist I ask, with out giving any information of my preference, what would they like to do with my hair that is in style? Jessica was the only stylist that came ready to bat! She was the first one to come up with not even a style, BUT an entire plan! (Thus, a great business strategy to get me back in the door for the next "phase" of the plan). During our first interaction Jessica made me feel like I was the only customer in the store. Not saying that she zones out other customers, but she makes sure that I am her priority when I am in her chair. During our conversation she mentioned about her hopes of moving up in the Sport Clips organization and becoming a trainer. To be honest, I was shocked. Jessica had goals to improve herself and her skill. I do not think that many stylist view their jobs in the same way Jessica does. She sees it as an opprotunity to improve upon the skill that she has. Why would someone want a stylist that is there just for a paycheck when one could have a stylist that instills her skill and passion into her work?! Finally to expound upon the question mentioned about about the 10 rating. I am not rating Sport Clips a 10 at the moment; I am rating Jessica a 10x10! She is the soul reason I still am a client of Sport Clips. I only hope that Sport Clips sees the potential, eagerness, and skill I see in this stylist. As long as Jessica is an employee of Sport Clips I will be a loyal customer. Even when Sport Clips realizes Jessica's value and promotes her to a trainer where she will most likely leave the area or travel I will stay a customer, because I want to support a business that values and promotes its amazing employees! THANKS JESSICA FOR MY FRESH LOOK AND YOUR SERVICE TODAY!

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Chuck R. | April 30, 2018 Overall Experience

"Ignore whoever Halfadime is and their comment below. If you have a bad haircut, tell the stylist you"

Halfadime7 N. | October 26, 2017 Overall Experience

"Ok... ladies if you're looking for a place for an inexpensive hair cut because all the Hair Cuttery "

Nick H | May 17, 2017 Overall Experience

"Let me start from the beginning...I remember when Sport Clips first came to Tallahassee. The first l"

Ricky Young | May 5, 2017 Overall Experience

"Jessica K made my first experience to Mahan Village Tallahassee an excellent visit. I found a Stylis"